Starlight Movement

This is my current electronic dance music project, moving from trance into direction dub at the moment.

Beat Bommeli

Remixes / Edits

My Cup of Tea - When love is not enough


This is an edit/remix of a beautiful song called 'When Love Is Not Enough'. I added few electronic instruments to the original track that can be found here:


Big thanks to the songwriter and the band for their approval & friendly support.

Phil Eicher (Original composition)

Band 'My Cup Of Tea' (Original performance)

Beat Bommeli (edit)

John Miles - Slow down 


This is an edit/remix of the original release from 1978.

John Miles (Original record)

Beat Bommeli (edit)


moments of pure existence - Is Anybody Out There


This track has been released 2005 on the "DJ Tatana ‎– Street Parade 2005 - The Official Compilation Edit". 

Beat Bommeli (Keyboards)

Josi Sterba (Producer)

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