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Sons of Phoenix - Rising Album Release Party


02.03. 2019 Sons of Phoenix (Rock) Plattentaufe NOVA. Pfäffikon

Vintage Studio Phoenix Jones
Konzert R-Benz
Konzert Der Chor Stein am Rhein


03/19 Sons of Phoenix (Rock) Plattentaufe NOVA. Pfäffikon


11/18 Schall & Rauch (Hip Hop) KuBaA Rap Nacht Zürich

11/18 Furhammer (Blues) KuBaA Rap Nacht Zürich

09/18 Hochzeit (Privat)

07/18 Phoenix Jones - Vintage Studio Nagelfabrik

03/18 Taufe (Privat) 

02/18 Männerchor Eschenz 

01/18  R-Benz Dynamo Zürich

09/17 Der Chor Büsingen (D)

09/17 Der Chor Stein Am Rhein 

09/16 Romanow Stäfa

07/16 Romanow Wetzikon

04/16 Romanow Märstetten

04/16 Romanow Bülach

03/16 Romanow Lenzerheide

Music was my first love, and it will be my last, music of the future, and music of the past.

To live without my music, would be impossible to do, 'cause in this world of troubles, my music pulls me through. 

Music - John Miles - Album Rebel, 1975 [ link ]

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